I teach Hatha Yoga in the traditional way, which to me is the most efficient form of yoga because it concentrates on cleansing, purifying and physically strengthening our bodies.

Traditional Hatha Yoga follows the Eight Limbs of Patanjali, which means that in order to attain peace of mind and body we must follow the eight steps of cleansing and purifying body and mind.

We start our practice with Sat karma (the purification of mucus membranes, stomach respiratory tract and food pipe), Surya Namaskar (the sun salutation sequence), Asanas, Pranayama (breathing techniques), Pratyahara, (yoga nidra), Mudra (the science of hand gestures), Dharana (concentration).


After observing that the biggest problem for office workers is forgetting to breath properly, which leads to increased stress, I devised a sequence of yoga asanas that synchronise the breath with exercises to loosen stiff shoulders, tight hips, joints etc. I help build lung capacity through breathing exercises, to increase oxygen levels in the body.

The asanas have been adapted so that they can be practiced in the office chair. Chair yoga is ideal for stressed office workers who spend too much time sitting in front of computers. The postures help prevent and cure common ailments associated with office work, including stress, insomnia, high blood pressure, bad posture, stiff joints etc.


I teach beach yoga on beautiful Varkala Beach in Kerala, my adopted home.

My beach yoga program is based on Hatha Yoga where we concentrate more on hip opening, balancing and meditation. I use sand as an instrument to facilitate hip opening and for balancing (balancing on sand is easier than you’d think!).

I use the sand, water and the sound of the waves to develop our meditate techniques and focus.


Kids yoga is a form of playful yoga, that brings fun to the classroom. Yoga sequences are designed to build memory, concentration and flexibility.

In the internet age, kids need yoga to build a better world.


I teach mudras or “the science of hand gestures”.

Mudras are an ancient form of healing based on arranging the fingers in postures that stimulate pressure points and are symbols of energy points. The science of hand gestures (mudras) was developed during the age of Tantric Revelation.

Mudras are a beautiful technique to heal our physical body (annamaya kosha) and mind (manomaya kosha) and to balance the energy or pranic body (pranamaya kosha). With help of mudras you can balance the five elements of fire, air, ether, earth, water (which correspond to the five fingers on each hand). You can also balance the Pancha Vayus, the five vital energies (apana, samana, prana, udana, vyana).

If we practice mudras with faith, we can attain extraordinary results.